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list of animals


Animals section provides you with online animal enclopedia of facts and information on your favourite animals, thereby highlighting the habitat, diet, predator, reproduction info, behaviour, appearance and animals pictures.
Information about all food recipes facts

Food Recipes

Go here for food and recipes archive, where massive recipes, fruits, drinks information and facts are deposited. Health benefits, side effects, scientific views and important notes on nutritional values of various cuisines are qualitative in quantity.
Information about all famous celebrity facts


Explore and learn true life stories of globally notable person's life with comprehendable facts and information in this extensive collection of biographies. Read and learn the compete info of your favourite famous figures.
Information about all gods and goddesses facts


Enter this Mythology archive if you would like to read and know various gods and goddesses of the ancient times. This area covers extensively Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, Japanese's, Hindu's etc likewise facts and information about them all.
Information about all festivals facts

Festivals & Events

Food festivals, music festivals, religious festivals, natural disasters and perhaps wars - everything you could tag "event" is auspiciously packaged in here. Read the real facts and information behind events across the globe.
Tourist places and attractions facts

Tourist Places

This section provides you with extensive facts and information on places of tourist attractions, where you will feel to spending your vacation in. This archive covers various parks, museums, sacred sites, magnificient islands, etc
Information about all health conditions facts

Health Conditions

Health issues and tips largely collected in this archive. Read various health conditions and relating terms meaning, the facts and information to boost your healthy living life and safeguard you from ethical health ignorance. Health is wealth, check why in here.
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